Havelet Bay Apartments

Further to the planning approval granted in November 2012, negotiations have been ongoing with Planning, culminating in a revised approval on 6 May 2015 to construct 34 residential units.  

A contract to construct the apartments to be know as Havelet Waters has now been signed with R G Falla and works are underway, Cooper Brouard will be marketing the apartments on our behalf and a new website has been created, www.havelet waters.gg to give details of each apartment and their layout, for further information please press here.

Progress is being made with the building reaching roof level in  August 2017.


“A development of this nature will not be without its challenges. However, we will be engaging expert local contractors and professionals to deal with the project, and will be injecting £20 million of private investment into the Guernsey economy through the scheme. We will also be returning the original Brewery building to its former glory by closely replicating the 18th century façade.”