Ann Street Brewery and Ancillary Buildings - Sold to Andium Homes 28 July 2017


Press Statement from Steve Marie, Managing Director Comprop (C.I.) Limited

For many years, Comprop has endeavoured to create a suitable development and solution for this prominent town centre site.  Our recently submitted multi-storey car park scheme has proved difficult to achieve in terms of planning policy and the Island Plan, this has been further compounded as the proposal was not going to be supported by DFI.

We feel that this is a missed opportunity as it is doubtful if another private company will bring a scheme of this nature forward at no cost to the public.  We are disappointed that we have not been able to develop this site however, sometimes business just needs to move on.

The disposal of the entire Ann Street site and its adjoining residential properties to Andium Homes makes perfect sense and I am sure that when developed it will provide a significant and much needed increase to the Island’s residential stock.